Venn Diagrams
Find overlapping data through Venn diagrams.

Supports comparison of up to 5 different data sets, outputs PNG images, and provides the list of overlapping data
Cut Data Columns
This is a lightweight version of the Galaxy Text manipulation > Cut tool.

Simply paste in data, select how the columns are delimitted and extract the column of your choice.
Pad BED files
Pad a BED file with nucleotides up and/or down stream of the given genomic coordinates.

Without using the command line, this tool is similar to BEDtools slop command that will add coordinates upstream and/or downstream to a BED file without going shorter or longer than the chromosome size.
Random Sampler
This tool will randomly sample a list of data and return n rows.

Paste in your list of data, select the number of rows to return (n) and get your randomly sampled list!
Colour Picker
Simple, but effective way to obtain the RGB, HEX, and HSB values for a given colour.

Add colour to your custom UCSC genome tracks by selecting the RGB values and adding them to the custom track with the form color=R,G,B
qPCR Calculations
The qPCR calculation tool can automatically process qPCR raw data (Cq) to get the data normalisation and graphical representation of the different samples in an Excel file

Simple, efficient and directly outputs all the qPCR data, means, t-test p-values and plots the graphs!