Venn Diagrams
Find overlapping data through Venn diagrams.

Supports comparison of up to 5 different data sets, outputs PNG images, and provides the list of overlapping data
Cut Data Columns
This is a lightweight version of the Galaxy Text manipulation > Cut tool.

Simply paste in data, select how the columns are delimitted and extract the column of your choice.
Pad BED files
Pad a BED file with nucleotides up and/or down stream of the given genomic coordinates.

Without using the command line, this tool is similar to BEDtools slop command that will add coordinates upstream and/or downstream to a BED file without going shorter or longer than the chromosome size.
Colour Picker
Simple, but effective way to obtain the RGB, HEX, and HSB values for a given colour.

Add colour to your custom UCSC genome tracks by selecting the RGB values and adding them to the custom track with the form color=R,G,B